What is ZeeSpeed™?


Going into its 17th year of operation, ZeeSpeed™ is an eight-week endurance and speed training program for youths between the ages of 13 to 18. The purpose of the camp is to increase self-confidence, goal setting and performance in the classroom and on the court and/or field. The program also provides mentoring and the opportunity to interact with role models of law enforcement in a positive setting and environment that encourages productivity and compassionate citizenship. There is no other comparable youth program available in the greater Pierce County area.

  • ZeeSpeed™ will operate approximately 10-12 hours per week from July-August for a total of 80 contact hours.
  • Young women and men will learn speed and endurance skills under the guidance of experienced sports trainers and athletes.
  • Participants' health will be protected by certified on-site emergency medical technicians available during all phases of training.
  • Program will be held at donated facilities of local high schools.
  • The approach of ZeeSpeed™ is in the holistic training of the body, mind, and self -- while teaching and modeling the importance of "Training For Life".
  • The goal is to receive enough recognition through our programs that ZeeSpeed™ can operate year-round. Zach's goal is to have his own facilities for continued education & the teaching of wellness principles for our children with promise in communities throughout the United States.


Zachary Smalls

• USA Weekend Magazine's 10th "Most Caring Coach" in the nation

• International Sports Science Association Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA)


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